Boxing for women: 8 reasons why you should get some gloves!

We all love to feel and look good but what’s more satisfying is when you kick some serious ass while doing it. That’s why we’re a bit obsessed with boxing and it's becoming the most popular new way to shred pounds. Boxing is a great way of sculpting and toning not only your arms but... Continue Reading →


3 things to consider before buying a protein powder!

Joining the gym, eating healthy are some of the most popular New Year resolutions. So as a newbie you might want to supplement your fitness regime with whatever the fitness industry throws at you but you’re smarter than that and do your research. That’s why you’re here now! So, you want to buy your first... Continue Reading →

Yummy Breakfast Egg Muffins (under 20mins)

A high protein, low carb way to start your day!  Hi Lovelies, Here's a super simple, healthy breakfast recipe that will help you eat some of your greens at breakfast. Servings 12 muffins Calories 78 kcal each muffin Ingredients  7 eggs  600g Spinach 8 little cherry tomatoes/one normal tomato 150g Spiralised Courgette 1 Spring Onion ½-1 tsp salt... Continue Reading →

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